Get Started

Last updated: May 4, 2024

Welcome to Sweetreply! We've filled this article with everything you need to get started.

Create your first project

After verifying your account, you will now be able to create your first project! When creating your project, you will provide the information that is most representative of your product. We use this information to generate replies. You can create and switch between additional projects in the top left menu of the dashboard.

Subscribe to enable replies

To use the most important feature of Sweetreply, you need to subscribe to a plan. You can do this by going to the billing section of the dashboard or by clicking here. Being able to automatically reply to leads is awesome!

Configure your keywords

After creating your project, you can now control what posts we pull in for you by making your keywords. To find leads for Ping Parrot, we will setup these keywords. We aren't using negative keywords for this example, but you can use them to exclude certain terms from being detected.

💡Keywords are case-insenstive. Keywords should be as specific as possible to avoid false matches.

💡Keywords can be more than one word. Sweetreply matches any one of your keywords if they are detected.

View your leads

Once we start finding your leads, you can view them in the leads table. Clicking on the lead actions button on the right side of the lead will show extra actions. Clicking on the View button opens up the lead editor page where you can edit, send, schedule, and view replies.


If you enable automatic replies, we will automatically dispatch your replies to new leads which match your project description and keywords. If you do not enable automatic replies, you can still generate replies and schedule/send replies at a time that works for you. Each succesful reply will deduct one reply credit from your account.

Reply delay

Since sweetreply finds leads in near real-time, we've added a feature to slow down automatic replies. By default, a reply will be delayed somewhere between 6 and 12 hours. You are able to change your reply delay to a specific amount of hours, but we strongly recommend you keep the delay on the default auto mode.

💡When a reply is sent too quickly, there is a much higher chance of having a negative reaction. By using a large reply delay or our auto mode, you can significantly reduce the risk of a bad interaction.

💡Having a larger reply delay also gives you more time to edit or cancel your replies before they are sent.

Reply statuses

  • Draft: The reply is saved as a draft and has not been sent.
  • Scheduled: The reply is scheduled to be sent at a later time.
  • Pending: The reply is actively being sent.
  • Replied: The reply has been sent.
  • Failed: The reply has failed to be sent. This is a rare occurrence. If you encounter this status, feel free to manually retry sending the reply or contact support.
  • Removing: The reply is being removed from the social media platform.

In the meantime, Sweetreply has already found a lead and replied to it automatically!

Need help?

Feel free to contact us to get help with any questions you may have!